Analytics For Evolving Capital Markets

Capital markets are among the most volatile of all the financial sectors. With constantly changing market structures and trading regulations, there is always a need to evolve new strategies to stay ahead in the competition.

On the other hand, companies are burdened with siloed data systems, complex analytical needs and the need to handle newer forms of data – structured and unstructured.

Scalend helps companies quickly integrate, transform and make sense of this data. Hitherto siloed systems are integrated, and data is available in both realtime and in batches.

In addition, the ability to run industry standard models across the data sets provides unparalleled flexibility to augment existing systems instead of doing a rip-and-replace.

Customer Segmentation

Identify customer segments for targeted marketing

Trade & Market Analytics

Analyze market data realtime and detect outliers

Realtime Recommendations

Recommend instruments based on customer insights

Trend Analysis

Predict market trend from historical patterns