Give Better Customer Experience

Do you want to track every single user, what they do, what are they seeing, what are they clicking on, what offers work, etc?

Scalend Clickstream Analytics helps you do that. It measures user behavior, and the entire user journey across pages and events.

Understand what users are doing in your application and target those who matter the most. Get answers to most critical questions and act immediately.

More importantly, you can use all the data that you have collected to run predictive models, get deep insights and understand what drives your customers. Or, just ask simple questions of them.

Using Self-service customization options, identify events and clicks that matter. Drill down into data, identify target segments and engage immediately with individual contacts / user segments.

click stream analytics

By just adding 3 lines of code into your web/mobile application, the system traces digital footprints of every user over time. Get insights about your customer behavior and product performance on digital channels viz., web, mobile, etc. The tool gives insights that answers your whys realtime.


Conversion Funnel
Campaign Analysis
Prospect Identification
Context Recommendation

Product Analysis

Path Analysis
Performance Analysis
A/B Testing
Anomaly Detection

Customer Analysis

Customer Segmentation
Realtime Profiling
Churn Prediction
Returning User Identification

System Features

Export Option
Custom Reports
Search And Filters
Self-service Funnels