Better Manage Your Loan Book

Today, Banks and other lenders face two main challenges – one from the ability to use alternate data sources for handing out loans, and the other from Non Performing Assets (NPAs).

Scalend offers an integrated platform, along with accelerated solutions that help our end customers quickly integrate diverse data sets (social media, 3rd party, telecom, etc) into a viable credit model. This could either be stand-alone or complement existing models.

In addition, the deep modeling capabilities can be leveraged for other key lending use cases like realtime health checks for lendees, fraud detection, cross-sell and up-sell of other products.

Better Credit Scoring

Integrate alternate data sources
Use Machine Learning
Library of models
to choose from

Risk Analysis

Better Fraud detection
Continuous monitoring of customers
Better compliance
and risk management

Customer Cross-Sell/Up-sell

Offer personalized & contextual products
Identify cross-sell/upsell opportunities
Propensity modeling for repayments

Delinquency Management

Defaults/charge-offs/foreclosure prediction
Market and borrowers tracking
Recovery Strategies