Enhancing The Payment Process

The Payments industry has undergone a huge transformation with more consumers and businesses opting for digital transactions. The key to success for any payment company is its responsiveness to changing regulations and customer preferences.

The challenges are very many – huge amounts of data, complex regulations, changing customer preferences, and entry of new players.

The stakeholders here are not just the merchants and customers, but banks, acquirers, payment processors, etc.

The Scalend Insights Appliance provides companies in the payments space, the ability to not only securely manage large amounts of data, but also provide a wide-range of options for their customers (merchants), ranging from better insights to robust personalization options.

Customer Acquisition

Increase customer acquisition and retain existing customers.

Up-Sell / Cross-Sell

Predict next best offer to increase customer life time value.

Fraud Detection

Detect anomalies and frauds using machine learning.

Merchant Insights

Increase operational efficiency and craft long-term strategies.