Enhance Your Customer’s Banking Experience

Digital disruption is occurring across the banking industry. New technologies have come in that help newer players quickly understand customers, focus on narrow profitable segments, and grab market share.

Banks are transforming from transaction points to virtual engagement platforms. Multiple online channels are now available for customers to perform banking and non banking financial transactions.

Without digital transformation, banks risk becoming also-rans.

However, this also brings in a host of new challenges – from security to quality.

The Scalend Insights Appliance offers banks the opportunity to do multiple things in one go – the ability to handle different types of data (both structured and unstructured), connect this across channels (a truly omnichannel solution), and run predictive models to quickly engage better with customers.

This helps banks identify opportunities by looking at the overall customer life cycle, focus on improving experiences and enable better customer services.

Omnichannel Journey Analytics

Bring together data from multiple channels, stitch them together, and provide meaningful insights

Customer Experience

Increase customer acquisition and retain existing customers

Channel Efficiency

Efficiently cross-sell and up-sell products to customers gaining a larger share-of-the-wallet

Optimize Operations

Optimize operations across the board, focusing on the ability to serve customers in a cost-effective manner