Technology Snapshot

The Scalend Advanced Analytics platform provides an end to end solution to transform raw data into meaningful insights.

An easy-to-use user interface removes the complexity of deploying and managing the Hadoop infrastructure at the backend. This platform can handle a variety of data sources – structured, unstructured or semi structured – and of any volume. Over 50+ connectors bring data available in different systems into a single Data Lake.

The Scalend platform has a data transformation workbench, with a provision to join data from multiple systems. This includes capabilities around filtering and data cleansing to bring together meaningful data.

The in-built Modeling infrastructure provides over 700 industry standard mathematical and statistical functions & algorithms for predictive & prescriptive insights. These can run your existing in models in R, Python and Scala as well, reducing the need to manage another separate system.

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Scalend Advantages

Rapid Implementation

Insights in 4 weeks

Deep Customer Insights

Omnichannel customer understanding

Financial Services Specific

Built for Financial Services Companies

Customizable KPI & Dashboards

Easy-to-use & integrates with your existing tools

Connect Any Data Source

Bring together Structured and Unstructured Data – Transaction, CRM, Social Data

Data Security & Ownership

Own your data – Highly secure data store